Episode 30

West Paw: Eco-friendly Products for Man’s Best Friend

In this episode of In With the New, Avril speaks with Spencer Williams, CEO and President of West Paw, creator of American-made, high-quality sustainable pet products.

36 minutes | Nov. 22, 2023

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Spencer Williams is the CEO and President of West Paw, a USA-made sustainable pet product company.

In this episode, Spencer talks about the advantages of keeping the supply chain local as opposed to manufacturing overseas. Domestic production creates that connection that would not exist if a product is being made on the other side of the world. You would not be able to walk into the factory and see production in real time and speak with the person who is making a product. Spencer also discusses working with a diverse group of people who do everything from product design to sales.

Often, more environmentally friendly or sustainable products cost more to make and therefore cost more to purchase. Many people hesitate to spend more for these products or they simply can’t afford it. Spencer emphasizes the need for people to be more financially secure in order for the world to become more sustainable. Economies need to allow for people to make good wages so they can invest in products that are better for the environment. How can we maintain this planet if people don’t make enough to invest in the products that help us do so?

Another factor that makes West Paw so great is that they close the loop on recycling the products that they make. Even the most indestructible dog toys can eventually be destroyed by a persistent dog, and will be tossed in the trash. With West Paw, used toys can be returned to a participating retailer, and will be ground up and turned into a brand new toy.

Spencer discusses his involvement in the Pet Sustainability Coalition and the great causes that the organization works towards. The coalition involves companies getting together to do some creative problem solving around making pet products more sustainable. This involves sharing ideas and the common issues everyone faces. From this, everyone can develop collective action to move forward.

Listen in to learn more about West Paw!


Episode Highlights:

3:07 Spencer discusses his inspiration for founding West Paw and the values that drove him

11:39 The advantages of manufacturing products domestically

19:21 The need for a broader base of prosperity and financial security

29:44 Spencer talks about the early years of the Pet Sustainability Coalition


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