Episode 9

Veshin Factory: Setting the Standard for Conscious Production of Alternative Leather Goods

In this episode of In With the New, we welcome Joey Pringle, Founder and Co-Owner of Veshin Factory, to discuss conscious and sustainable manufacturing.

46 minutes | Mar. 29, 2023

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As a former product designer, Joey Pringle experienced first-hand the challenges in finding a manufacturer of quality, ethically-made leather-alternative accessories. His journey took him to Guangzhou, China, where a conversation with a Buddhist factory owner revealed a shared desire to prioritize sustainable, animal-free manufacturing. The resulting partnership led to the creation of Veshin Factory, an original equipment & design manufacturer (OEM/ODM) specializing in luxury bags & accessories made from leather alternatives.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Joey Pringle talks about his evolution from fashion designer to factory owner
  • The barriers to sustainability in the fashion industry
  • Veshin Factory’s five core pillars of sustainability
  • How brands have responded to Veshin’s sustainability initiatives
  • Joey shares his plans to expand Veshin into South America and beyond

In this episode…

As consumers have become more aware of the harmful impact of apparel manufacturing on people and the planet, there has been increased demand for transparent ethical and sustainable manufacturing practices. But it can be difficult to source high quality sustainable materials – and animal-free leathers in particular – that will satisfy discerning customers. Equally challenging is finding a manufacturer that fully embraces ethical and sustainable practices, and has the knowledge and desire to work with next-gen materials. So how can brands deliver the style and quality customers demand while staying true to their environmental commitments?

Joey Pringle believes we already have the technology and materials needed to replace leather, and that manufacturing can be done more sustainably and ethically if brands and factory owners are willing to embrace a more transparent supply chain. Veshin works with brands that align with their five core values of sustainability, transparency, next-gen materials, giving back and raising consciousness. They help brands switch to cruelty-free leather alternatives by sourcing next-gen materials and chemical-free dyes that replicate the look, feel, and performance of leather without the environmentally harmful practices. Currently, Joey resides in Colombia, where he leads the development of Veshin’s second factory, located in Latin America.

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