Episode 21

Lomi: Turning Organic Waste into Nutrient-rich Plant Food

In this episode of In With the New, Avril Tomlin-Hood speaks with Jeremy Lang, Founder and VP of Sustainability at Pela, and creator of the Lomi countertop composter.

22 minutes | Sep. 14, 2023

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In this episode, Avril speaks with Jeremy Lang, the founder and VP of Sustainability at Pela. The company is best known for their biodegradable phone cases as well as their countertop composter, Lomi. 

We live in a world where the food system is broken. So much food is either lost or spoiled. What makes Lomi incredible is that in just 3-5 hours, it breaks down food scraps into nutrient-rich soil. This leads to easier waste disposal and reduced waste, especially inside the home. Lomi can reduce your organic kitchen waste by 80% – which also reduces your household’s carbon footprint.

Sustainability is becoming more important to both people and companies. For the home, Lomi can sit on top of the kitchen counter and hold up to one green bin full of food scraps, with no odor. For companies, this means less frequent garbage days. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Many cities have “pay as you throw” waste policies to encourage people to reduce their household waste. Jeremy speaks to the calculator Pela is working on that allows people to see the rate for “pay as you throw” in their city, and how much money one can save if they purchase a Lomi.

Pela also donates refurbished Lomi’s to schools as a way to teach kids about sustainability. They encourage kids to really think about where their food is going, contribute to less food waste and experiment.

Pela is about everyday products reducing everyday waste and contributing to a waste free future.

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Episode Highlights:

1:24 Meet Jeremy, founder and VP of Sustainability at Pela, a company known for their biodegradable phone cases and countertop composter called Lomi

3:38 How sustainable product design can promote the circular economy and how Pela aims to create a waste-free future by developing products that do good for the environment

08:46 How smart waste appliances can reduce waste, make waste collection more efficient, and produce a clean feedstock for compost facilities

19:14 The cost-saving benefits of using the Lomi composting system in cities with pay-as-you-throw programs

20:17 Donating lunches to schools and educating children about organic circularity and composting


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