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How Green Media Buying Benefits Brand Safety

4 minute read | Jul. 31, 2023

Not only is buying lower-carbon emission media a responsible choice, but it’s also a strategic one that holds immense potential for brands seeking long-term success.

Why Sustainable Brands Need to Care About Scope 3 Emissions

4 minute read | Jun. 26, 2023

Even if you’re the most sustainable brand, or adhere to the greenest lifestyle possible, if you aren’t considering your scope 3 emissions, you’re missing the big picture.

Celebrating Women and Sustainability: Highlights from the 2023 Vegan Women Summit

3 minute read | Jun. 6, 2023

From thought-provoking discussions to delicious plant-based cuisine, a look at boa’s favourite moments from the Vegan Women Summit in NYC.

The Greener Side of Digital Marketing: Where Profit Meets Purpose

4 minute read | Apr. 28, 2023

While marketing can have a bad rap, we’re leaning into the power it wields to promote sustainable choices and inspire positive change.

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