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Celebrating Women and Sustainability: Highlights from the 2023 Vegan Women Summit

From thought-provoking discussions to delicious plant-based cuisine, a look at boa's favourite moments at the Vegan Women Summit in NYC.

3 minute read | Jun. 6, 2023

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Celebrating Women and Sustainability at the 2023 Vegan Women Summit

4 minute read | May 16, 2023

From May 18th-20th, the boa team will take on the 2023 Vegan Women Summit in NYC! Here are the top five reasons why we are pumped to attend the Vegan Women Summit.

The Greener Side of Digital Marketing: Where Profit Meets Purpose

4 minute read | Apr. 28, 2023

While marketing can have a bad rap, we’re leaning into the power it wields to promote sustainable choices and inspire positive change.

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We believe that sustainability is fundamental to long term success, and so do they.