Episode 23

abillion: On a Mission to Mobilize a Billion People to Save the Planet

In this episode of In With the New, Avril speaks with Vikas Garg, the founder and CEO of abillion, a mobile app connecting users with plant-based and sustainable products.

39 minutes | Sep. 27, 2023

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Are you looking for a quick and easy way to find trusted vegan and cruelty free products? After his parents fell ill, Vikas Garg started thinking more about the role food plays in his life. He decided to go vegan, which instilled a sense of purpose in his life, and ultimately led to the creation of the abillion app, a social commerce platform for the global vegan movement. 

abillion makes it easier for people to find and try vegan products, while also promoting sustainability and social change. Whether you are searching for a new skin care product or need to find a few vegan options for your next trip abroad, abillion can provide recommendations.

What is remarkable about abillion is that it gets users to think about more than just food. Users can search for LGBTQ+, minority and women-owned businesses. They can find out if the packaging for a product they are interested in buying is biodegradable. It goes beyond veganism and touches many aspects of our lives.

abillion does not only help consumers find vegan products, but it also helps businesses think more ethically. If a user sees that a restaurant doesn’t offer vegan options, they can “poke” or nudge that business through the app. This allows abillion to connect with that business and offer them resources on how they can add vegan options to their menu. The aim is to inspire a business to consider making small changes so they can reach a larger audience while doing better for the planet.

Be one of the billion people who try vegan with the abillion app!

Take a listen.


Episode Highlights:

1:28 Vikas shares his personal journey of going vegan 

9:30 Vikas discusses how choosing a vegan lifestyle can have a massive impact 

11:42 Explanation of how the abillion app goes beyond veganism 

26:02 Vikas discusses the challenges of scaling the app 

30:29 Vikas explains how the app aims to inspire businesses


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