Episode 29

Partake Brewing: Award Winning Non-Alcoholic Beer

In this episode, Avril Tomlin-Hood speaks with Ted Fleming, founder of Partake Brewing, about his mission to craft a variety of award winning, great tasting, expertly brewed non-alcoholic beers.

24 minutes | Nov. 15, 2023

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Ted Fleming is the founder of Partake Brewing, an Alberta-based brewer of award-winning non-alcoholic beers. 

Ted’s journey to found Partake was sparked by a personal health issue. In 2005, Ted was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, which led him to eliminate alcohol from his diet. However, he missed being able to enjoy the occasional beer and the social connections formed over shared beers. This personal experience sparked the idea for his first venture, Premium Near Beer, an online platform for importing and selling non-alcoholic beer. This venture allowed Ted to understand the market and the demand for such products, and to build up a community in the industry.

In 2017, Ted launched Partake Brewing through a Kickstarter campaign, to offer premium craft non-alcoholic beer at an affordable price. The overwhelming support for the concept was evident when the campaign raised $75,000 in just three hours. Ted’s timing proved to be perfect, as over the past five years, attitudes towards non-alcoholic beer have significantly changed, with more people embracing a sober lifestyle. The non-alcoholic beer segment is expected to surpass $40 billion in the next ten years.

Ted attributes this growth to the increasing focus on health and wellness, the sober-curious movement, and changes in consumer behavior, particularly among Gen Z. Research questioning the health benefits of alcohol consumption and the accessibility of such information through the internet and social media have played a significant role in driving this change.

Listen in to learn more about Ted’s journey and Partake!


Episode Highlights:

04:21 The rapid growth of the non-alcoholic beer segment and the driving factors behind consumer demand

09:10 From being ridiculed to being embraced

10:44 The increase in big beer companies launching non-alcoholic versions of their core brands, validating the category

13:06 Partake is now the top non-alcoholic beer brand in Canada

18:24 Health and wellness reasons for choosing non-alcoholic beer and how Partake Brewing offers a low-calorie option

19:45 The growth of Ted’s team and the positive feedback they receive from consumers, highlighting the impact of their product on people’s lives


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