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A podcast about innovative sustainable brands and the leaders behind them. Hosted by boa founder and CEO, Avril Tomlin-Hood.

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Conversations with companies who effect positive change for people and the planet. New episodes weekly.

Natural Fiber Welding: Driving Textile and Design Innovation with Plastic-free High-performance Materials

48 minutes | Mar. 22, 2023

Natural Fiber Welding invents and manufactures sustainable materials from plants. Beginning with inherently circular, natural ingredients, NFW is making a material-rich, plastic-free future possible.

Fashion Takes Action: Advancing Sustainability in the Fashion Industry

38 minutes | Mar. 15, 2023

Join Avril Tomlin-Hood in this episode of In With the New as she talks with Kelly Drennan, Founding Executive Director of Fashion Takes Action, about sustainability in the fashion industry.

Sandra Nomoto: Vegan Marketing Success Stories

24 minutes | Mar. 7, 2023

In this episode of In With the New, Avril Tomlin-Hood welcomes Sandra Nomoto, vegan foodie and author of Vegan Marketing Success Stories.

Debrand: Extending the Life Cycle of Used Textiles

32 minutes | Mar. 1, 2023

Debrand helps leading clothing brands achieve their sustainability goals through the power of reverse-logistics and textile recycling technology.

Beyond Remade: Upcycling and Thrift in the Fashion Industry

44 minutes | Feb. 21, 2023

In today’s episode of In With the New, Avril Tomlin-Hood welcomes Steven Bethell, co-founder of Beyond Retro and Bank & Vogue, Ltd., to discuss upcycling in the fashion industry.

Living Tree Foods: Bringing Plant-Based Alternatives to Market

20 minutes | Feb. 14, 2023

In today’s episode of In With the New, Avril Tomlin-Hood sits down with Emily Wilson, Co-founder and CEO of Living Tree Foods, to discuss her company’s plant-based food products.