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Tru Earth: Eliminating Plastic One Household Product at a Time

In today’s episode of In With the New, Avril Tomlin-Hood is joined by Anita Spiller, Head of Social Responsibility and Executive Communications at Tru Earth, to talk about eliminating plastic production.

25 minutes | Jan. 31, 2023

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Anita Spiller is the Head of Social Responsibility and Executive Communications at Tru Earth, an award-winning, global, eco-friendly household product company. Tru Earth has eliminated 100 million plastic containers and donated 19 million eco laundry strips within three years. In her role, Anita leads the CSR team with the aim of disrupting the CPG industry, eliminating single-use plastics and microplastics, and donating zero-waste products to organizations in need.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • What motivated Tru Earth to donate sustainable products to people in need
  • How to be profit-driven and give back to the community
  • The importance of living according to your core values and making conscious purchasing decisions
  • How small changes can make a significant positive impact on the environment
  • Tru Earth’s new and exciting sustainable products

In this episode…

Plastic production has become an environmental crisis. Less than 9% of recyclable items are truly recycled; most plastics are broken down into microplastics and discarded in oceans and landfills. With 380 million metric tons of plastic produced each year, what actions can you take to make a meaningful difference on the planet?

Many organizations claiming to be sustainably focused prioritize profits over people and the planet, leading consumers to believe that companies can’t be both sustainable and profit-driven. Anita Spiller says it’s not about picking a lane; organizations can adhere to their core values and still be successful. For instance, for every subscription purchase of Tru Earth, 32 eco-friendly and plastic-free detergent strips are distributed to organizations serving communities in need across the globe. Through this business model, Tru Earth mitigates plastic production and gives back to the community while encouraging consumers to make small lifestyle changes that positively impact the planet.

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