Episode 17

Simply Suzette: Driving Sustainability in the Denim Industry

Ani Wells is the co-founder of Simply Suzette, a denim industry consultancy on a mission to democratize information and encourage informed purchasing decisions through supply chain transparency.

29 minutes | May 31, 2023

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Ani Wells is a sustainable fashion consultant, impact communications specialist, and the co-founder of Simply Suzette, a storytelling platform and consultancy exploring the juxtaposition of sustainability and fashion with a focus on denim. Ani works closely with market leaders in the denim world, advising on sustainably focused campaigns and communications to create global impact. She has had the honor of leading the Conscious Fashion Campaign in collaboration with the United Nations and Transformers Foundation due to her depth of knowledge in sustainable production and the denim supply chain. She is passionate about telling the stories of the people behind the supply chain, championing sustainable innovations, helping brands use their businesses as a force for good, and helping consumers navigate the blurry world of sustainable fashion.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Ani Wells talks about Simply Suzette’s genesis as a sustainable denim resource
  • What is the Transformers Foundation, and how does it facilitate meaningful change within the denim industry?
  • The sources of misinformation in the denim industry
  • How corporations can regulate misinformation about the denim supply chain
  • Ani’s hope for positive advancements in the denim space

In this episode…

Traditionally, denim has been considered one of the least sustainable garments produced by the fashion industry. Case in point, studies have shown that one pair of jeans requires 2,000 gallons of water to produce. But this statistic isn’t necessarily accurate, due to misinformation or a lack of education regarding supply chain practices. For example, commonly cited statistics regarding water usage in cotton farming – both conventional and organic – were found to be unsubstantiated in a recent report published by the Transformers Foundation. While some organizations may manipulate misinformation to deliver false messaging and present an illusion of lower environmental impact, others may unknowingly utilize incorrect data with honest intentions. So, how can you overcome misinformation and foster awareness of sustainable supply chain practices?

Denim enthusiast and impact facilitator Ani Wells advocates for transparent and nuanced conversations about supply chain practices. This involves educating consumers and industry professionals by providing traceable information to bridge the gap between the denim industry and the supply chain. Ani’s company Simply Suzette provides educational resources clarifying each step in the supply chain for people inside and outside of the denim industry, influencing consumer purchasing decisions and offering sustainable and data-informed best practices for manufacturers and companies. Ani also works with Transformers Foundation, which acts as a unified voice representing the denim supply chain, where she assists in research and advocacy by collaborating with machinery suppliers, mills, and manufacturers to address misinformation.

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