3 minute read | Jun. 6, 2023

Celebrating Women and Sustainability: Highlights from the 2023 Vegan Women Summit

From thought-provoking discussions to delicious plant-based cuisine, a look at boa’s favourite moments from the Vegan Women Summit in NYC.

Celebrating Women and Sustainability: Highlights from the 2023 Vegan Women Summit

by Avril Tomlin-Hood

Needless to say, we anticipated a great time in NYC, and Vegan Women Summit delivered! boa’s first experience with the VWS was in 2022 in Los Angeles, and we had such a great time that when the opportunity arose to not only attend in 2023 — but to sponsor — we embraced it. The venue — a stunningly updated industrial warehouse in East Williamsburg — was packed by 8:30 am, with Impossible Foods doling out coffee and breakfast sandwiches amid a marketplace of innovative brands and brightly dressed attendees. This transformative gathering brought together inspiring women from diverse backgrounds shaping the vegan movement and advocating for a more compassionate world. From thought-provoking discussions to delicious plant-based cuisine, the summit showcased the power and potential of women as catalysts for change. What did we love? So many things!

A Platform for Empowered Thought Leaders

The Vegan Women Summit provided a stage for prominent women from sustainability-focused industries to share their expertise on critical topics such as food systems, policy, and climate action. One panel in particular, titled “Can a Sustainable Climate Be Achieved Through Food Innovation?” featured insights from Ebony Twilley Martin, Jillian Semaan, and Kristy Drutman, hosted by We Don’t Have Time’s North America CEO Dr. Sweta Chakraborty. Their perspectives on how we can increase equitable access to nutritious food left an indelible impact on attendees, empowering them with the knowledge and tools to drive meaningful change in their own communities.

Standout Snacks

Disclaimer: we ate way too much to list and found so many new faves. With an abundance of innovative brands and delectable bites, the Vegan Women Summit was a paradise for food enthusiasts. While we indulged in numerous offerings, two snacks stood out as extraordinary culinary creations. Atlas Monroe’s vegan fried chicken amazed us with its incredible flavour and texture. How they’re able to get the skin so crispy, we can only guess. It comes as no surprise that their chicken and waffles was once crowned the Best Dish at the National Fried Chicken Festival.

Equally impressive was Mellody bee-free vegan honey, which astounded us with its ability to replicate the taste, texture, and experience of traditional honey. A game-changer in the world of sugar substitutes, Mellody vegan honey impressed us with its honey-like authenticity and won us over with its charming sample packaging in tiny squeezy bears!

Miyoko’s Creamery VIP Lounge

Lucky us! The boa-sponsored VWS Media Lounge was conveniently located next to the Miyoko’s Creamery-sponsored VIP Lounge. Miyoko’s Creamery, known for their cultured artisanal vegan butter and cheese, took the VIP experience to a whole new level. Indulging in an array of delectable treats, from red velvet cupcakes and cheesecake to charcuterie boards and Caprese salad, they showcased the limitless possibilities of vegan cuisine. Miyoko’s Creamery proved that you can recreate any dairy-based culinary delight without compromising taste or quality.

The 2023 Vegan Women Summit in Brooklyn epitomized the potential and power of women in driving positive change. From thought-provoking discussions to empowering workshops and nourishing conversations, the summit inspired all who attended. As vegan women continue to rise and inspire, their unwavering commitment to compassion and sustainability paves the way for a future where animals, people, and the planet thrive harmoniously.