Lightspark Engage

Lightspark Engage empowers individuals to make informed decisions to become less reliant on fossil fuels for heating and cooling.


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Lightspark Engage is an innovative new AI-powered SAAS platform that enables residential homeowners to understand their home energy score, access relevant rebates for home upgrades and ultimately achieve net-zero homes through renovations and upgrades.

Lightspark’s Scotiabank-sponsored launch rolled out in Calgary and Edmonton in Summer 2023. To effectively reach single family homeowners in these pilot regions, boa had to consider a diverse set of audience motivations, given the unique demographic and psychographic makeup of the province of Alberta. This, in conjunction with highly granular geo fencing limitations meant boa had to thread a fine targeting needle.


To ensure that Lightspark was reaching these varied audiences with personalized and resonant messaging, boa created campaigns around 3 targeting subsets of single-dwelling homeowners: Home Improvers, Friendly Families and Green Keeners. We created behavioural/psychographic profiles for each group of homeowners, crafting copy that would appeal to their unique motivations.

These persona and corresponding messaging sets were then applied to a geotargeting framework that covered all homes included in the Energy Map. An approach of ongoing optimizations and A/B testing across Meta (Facebook + Instagram) and Google (Youtube + PPC) enabled boa to rapidly identify pockets of high potential and shift budgets accordingly.

As a result, boa drove significantly higher than benchmark performance metrics across all channels. Our agile modeling-based approach also helped us to overdeliver on conversion projection estimates by 181%


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