Canned Good

The Canned Good Coalition was formed to get the word out about all the good things that steel food cans can do, from keeping food at peak freshness to being infinitely recyclable to helping reduce food waste.


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As well as being the most recycled (and recyclable!) food packaging in the United States, steel cans are a highly effective way to combat food waste. The problem? Canned food has fallen out of fashion as younger consumers have steadily moved away from purchasing cans and towards food packaged in single use plastics, boxes and Styrofoam. Misconceptions about canned food versus fresh or frozen counterparts haven’t helped.

To combat misinformation and get the word out about why the next generation of grocery shoppers should get back on the canned food train, the Canned Good Coalition (made up of manufactures and major grocery retailers across the U.S.) needed help reaching shoppers online with targeted messaging that would translate to behaviour change offline. The group needed strategically targeted digital campaigns that would correspond with offline marketing activations in 2 of the largest grocery store chains on the East Coast – Meijer and Publix.


Armed with market research insights powered by sustainbility consultantcy, Shelton Group, boa got to work creating a plan that would segment the uniquely motivated audiences, targeting them in and around participating retail locations.

The layers of demographic and psychographic attributes, combined with our segment specific ad messaging and the granular location-based targeting meant that we could confidently reach and engage with consumers likely to be exposed to the corresponding offline marketing campaigns in-store.


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