Energy Efficiency Alberta

The largest emissions reduction program in Western Canada, EEA’s mandate is to raise awareness among energy consumers of energy use and the associated economic and environmental consequences.


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The largest emissions reduction program in Western Canada, Energy Efficiency Alberta, aims to raise awareness of energy usage and the associated economic and environmental consequences.

boa, with partner agency Kumu, was tasked with creating a strategy to promote one of EEA’s most significant initiatives: a rebate program offering Alberta businesses and individuals the opportunity to retrofit their properties with energy-efficient products and providers.


boa employed multi-tactic, seasonally targeted media campaigns to reach varied segments of high-potential consumers – introducing them to the array of incentive programs and products within Alberta and encouraging them to take immediate action to convert.

Our team conducted extensive search trend and competitive research: this keyword analysis informed the audience segmentation plan. We then targeted segments based on intent-based campaign categories: General Messaging, Home Improvement, Instant Savings and Online Rebates. Each campaign had a specific and associated on-site conversion action.

Leveraging Amazon’s real-time shopping behavioural data, Google’s unparalleled Search marketing capabilities and Facebook’s expansive first-party audience data, the campaigns were highly effective at driving conversions to levels exponentially higher than the benchmark. Real-time attribution modelling allowed us to uncover which placements were driving conversions while optimizing towards KPIs in real-time.


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