Episode 6

Sandra Nomoto: Vegan Marketing Success Stories

In this episode of In With the New, Avril Tomlin-Hood welcomes Sandra Nomoto, vegan foodie and author of Vegan Marketing Success Stories.

24 minutes | Mar. 7, 2023

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Sandra Nomoto is a content writer, editor, and marketing consultant for cruelty-free businesses. She’s always had a passion for language and cares deeply about social and environmental justice. Sandra’s communications career began in the public relations industry in 2005; in 2012 she founded Conscious Public Relations, Inc., a B-Corporation certified PR agency that developed campaigns for socially and environmentally responsible companies. Sandra authored The Only Public Relations Guide You’ll Ever Need and Vegan Marketing Success Stories, the world’s first vegan marketing book. She also co-hosts VEG Networking Canada, where plant-based and vegan companies connect and collaborate.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Sandra Nomoto explains why she serves vegan businesses exclusively
  • The distinction between plant-based and vegan in advertising and marketing
  • How vegan companies can market to a broad audience
  • Sandra shares a vegan marketing success story
  • Sandra’s proudest career moment and vegan role models

In this episode…

When it comes to marketing, plant-based and cruelty-free businesses may feel the need to tailor their messaging specifically to vegan and environmentally-conscious consumers. But this isn’t necessarily the most effective messaging strategy, because appealing to a diverse audience is the key to amplifying your impact. So, how can you ensure your messaging resonates with a niche consumer base, which simultaneously appealing to a broader audience?

Sandra believes that inclusive messaging is key to reaching a broad range of consumers, including those who classify themselves as omnivores or those who are simply curious about plant-based foods. Sandra also says that it’s important to consider the terminology you use in your campaigns, as words or phrases can hold different meanings depending on the audience. Using education-based campaigns to demonstrate the value of eating plant-based food is a great starting point for companies looking to reach a broad audience.

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